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LG has nearly mastered the quality of their smartphones, with optimal screen quality and battery life. The features of their phones are great, but only if you can use them. Don’t let your broken LG stop you from utilizing its wonderful powers. Some of the LG devices we repair are below.

LG Nexus 4
LG Nexus 5
LG Optimus G
LG Optimus G2
LG Optimus G3
LG Optimus G2X
And More!

Some Common Repairs of LG Phones Consist of:

  • Glass Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Diagnostic Service
  • Glass & LCD Replacement
  • Charge Port Repair
  • Water Damage Diagnostic

Stop struggling with your damaged LG device!

Here at QuikFix Phone Repair, we can help you and your LG get reconnected! Our technicians have experience with the makeup of LG devices and will solve problems that may persist with your LG device. Let us help get you and your LG back together again.

Stop by today and learn more about our LG-based services! With the help of our team, you won’t have to worry about fixing your own phone or causing any further damage. Leave it up to the professionals, and give new life to your damaged device!

Raleigh Location
+1 (984) 200-1352
Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sunday: CLOSED
Wilmington Location
+1 (910) 399-3430
Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sunday: CLOSED

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